How can I receive a customized proposal and fee quote?

Call us at 702-366-0338, option #2 or send an email to our CEO Elijah Muhammad

Is it expensive to have private security?

No it is not. Preventive Measures Security Firm LLC has many levels of service; an occasional drive through to guards posted at your property. We listen to your needs, look at your property and design a security plan to meet your goals and budget.

Where do you begin? What do you need from me?

Together we’ll build a plan… When first called on for a proposal Preventive Measures Security Firm, LLC performs a complete-site evaluation. We will meet with you and your staff to hear requests and learn your expectations. We’ll look at the amenities, lighting, entrances, exits, pedestrian walkways, building and parking placement. We’ll ask qualifying questions about the property’s security history and its residents. Knowing these factors allows us to design a plan specific.

How do we contact the guard in an emergency?

We have a 24/7 dispatcher (702-489-1588) that can at a moment’s notice locate each guard using Silvertrac. For more hands-on during emergencies and as a back-up we employ area-based supervisors that perform post checks each shift with each guard.

How do we know the guard is properly patrolling our property?

PMSF uses the online application of Silvertrac which each guard, supervisor, and dispatcher on duty logs onto. During patrol, the guard scans barcodes codes placed throughout the property. The location and time are entered along with notes and photographs to create a daily activity report (DAR). This information is available to our clients securely online.